“To be an undergrad and have the ability to brighten not only a child’s experience at CHOP, but also their family's, was eye-opening,” Milano says. “Walking out of the hospital, I had a refreshing sense of confidence in my choice of major. This course has allowed me a glimpse into my future, solidifying my desires to be a physician. What happens at CHOP really is magical.”

-Victoria Milano, Junior Psychology Major, Drexel University

"For that enjoyable hour, we forgot where we were and why we were there. While this wasn't the hardest surgery/recovery we'd experienced, it was certainly the first time we had so. much. FUN! during a hospital stay. And to have had such a positive experience like that, I believe, has tipped the scales for us, has transformed "hospital" from being a scary place where horrible things happen to a place of healing and growth. Thank you, Story Medicine, for your part in that, and for the ways you help all the children & families coping with much harder, heavier healthcare realities."

-Michelle Seitzer, Parent of a CHOP patient

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"Working with kids can be tough and it's forced me out of my comfort zone in so many ways. I tend to be a more introverted person so I’ve had to push myself to act on camera and interact with patients. I always felt a little nervous talking to patients until one day I met a little girl who had Leukemia. Like her, I had Leukemia when I was little and had my treatment at CHOP as well. I felt like I was able to connect with her and provide some assurance to her parents that she could go on to lead a normal life. The class has led me to realize that I can translate my own personal experiences into professional settings."

-Raine Talley, Senior Screenwriting Major, Drexel University

"Going to CHOP always means there is a brand new problem to solve. They don't have clear solutions, and they almost always require a hasty resolution. When I started my work at CHOP over a year ago, the constant need for problem solving skills was somewhat of a strain on my abilities. After so much practice however, it has now become part of the fun. Story Medicine has helped me improve greatly upon my ability not only to solve problems on my own, but to work together with other students to solve them as well. Being in an environment where creative and innovative solutions are rewarded has given me a place to grow my skills without suffering from a fear of failure. It is a place that I am truly grateful for."

-Ethan Cofiell, Senior Psychology Major, Drexel University

"On our way to our monthly all day appointment at CHOP, we were fortunate to see something amazing happening in the lobby.  StoryMedicine was performing a show and we were mesmerized.  My daughter and I watched the performance and then met the actors.  What a fantastic program!  It was incredible to have a few minutes of laughter and connection with these talented students.  Hospital days are usually so hard and long, for me and my 10 year old daughter this performance lifted our spirits and we had fun at CHOP!  Just what the doctor ordered!" 

-Gabrielle Miller, Parent of CHOP patient

"As a graphic design major, I never see the receiving end of my work. Normally we develop projects that are reviewed by our professors and peers, yet this course gave me an entirely eye-opening perspective on the lives you can touch with design. I had the unique opportunity to design stickers and the website for the course, both of which will ultimately benefit the experiences of future students and patients. For me, Story Medicine is such a rare environment where everyone's individual skills come to fruition, altogether forming a team environment committed to making children smile."

-Marysa Lee, Sophomore Graphic Design Major, Drexel University

"When it comes to Story Medicine, I think it is a class every student should take at least once. Community service is an activity that Drexel prioritizes, and I feel that in this case, Story Medicine brings out the true meaning of helping another combined with a unique opportunity to write plays. Working together to help brighten children’s moods at some of their lowest points is something that I think everyone should experience, because it warms your heart."

-Dylan Calucci, Pre-Junior Computer Science Major, Drexel University